Philosophy of Internship:
• To encourage the development of problem solving skills and their application to daily medicine.
• To help the intern integrate the professional veterinary degree into the needs of the patient, the owner and trainer, the medical record, the referring veterinarian, hospital staff, the insurance company, and their colleagues.
• To provide mentorship and instillation of sound veterinary morals and ethics.

Prerequisites of Application and Internship:
Previous equine experience is encouraged but not needed for the person with the right work ethic and positive personality. Interns are often selected from our extern list, so it is recommended that potential interns spend several days at the practice. To request an externship please email Ivey Thursby at

Application requirements:

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. CV
  3. Three professional reference letters.
  4. Must be able to Apply for and acquire a Florida Veterinary license.
  5. Students graduating from a university outside of the USA or Canada that has not been accredited by the AVMA are required to obtain an ECFVG certificate prior to being licensed in the State of Florida.

Employee Benefits:
Liability, medical insurance after 90 days, $500.00 CE; on site housing provided.

List of Internship Duties in Practice:
Over the course of the year, the interns rotate between 5 blocks that last 2 weeks in duration.
Interns are responsible for the daily activities in anesthesia and MRI, surgery, medicine, reproduction, and after- hours emergency service. Independent case management and ambulatory responsibilities are encouraged in order to instill confidence, surgical acumen, reproductive skills, client communication skills and mastery of the medical method.

  • The EMCO internship is not an advanced nursing duty internship. We strongly believe in allowing our interns to give first opinions and participate in case management at a doctorate level. We have an exceptional nursing staff that is provided to help our doctors manage their patients with a high level of care.
    • Five positions filled for the year 2010 – 2011
    • Six positions filled for the year 2011 – 2012
    • Five positions filled for the year 2012 – 2013
    • Five positions filled for the year 2013-2014
    • Five positions filled for the year 2014-2015
    • Five positions filled for the year 2015-2016

Staffing Number and Tasks: Eight administrative staff, two pharmacy staff, three laboratory technicians, three surgery technicians, two medicine technicians, one MRI technician, barn technician, overnight nursing staff, ambulatory assistants, six barn maintenance employees.

Amount of Supervision:
The internship begins with a high level of supervision. Over time less supervision is applied so that skills and confidence levels are developed. Specialist backup is always available to the interns.

Internship Salary:
$21,000 includes housing on-site; $26,000 for housing off-site.

Term of Employment:
June 1 to June 15 of the following year. The first two weeks of intern orientation involves both the incoming interns and outgoing interns along with senior clinicians and hospital staff.

Type of Practice:
100 % equine practice: emergency, referral and ambulatory

State of the art equine hospital completed in February 2003.

Surgical unit contains:
• 1 induction room
• 2 recovery rooms
• Overhead hoists
• 2 operating rooms
• 1 standing MRI room
• Video arthroscopy unit
• Advanced monitoring equipment and inhalation anesthetics

Reproduction facilities include:
• Semen/embryo laboratory
• Environmentally controlled semen collection lab
• Dystocia and routine repro exam rooms

Our internal medicine service provides patients with:
• Neonatal ICU
• Isolation facilities
• GE Logiq 5 ultrasound technology
• Videoendoscopy
• Digital Radiography
• Critical care monitoring equipment
• 2 overhead radiograph machines

The specialty services are complemented by a full-service, in-house laboratory providing rapid test turn-around for our hospital and local/referring veterinarians.

Names of Veterinarians in Practice including any Specialty Qualifications:
• John G. Peloso, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS
• Corey D. Miller, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACT
• Patrick C. Worden, DVM
• Aric Adams, DVM, Diplomate ACVS
• Tiffany Hall, DVM, ACVIM, Diplomate ACVECC
• Fred W. Benker, DVM
• Liane D. Puccia, DVM

Estimated Breakdown of Daily or Weekly Case Load:

Elective orthopedic/soft tissue and emergency cases primarily encompassing the thoroughbred athlete, performance horses and breeding stock.

2 – 4 surgeries daily with a capacity to do 10 per day. Large number of after hour’s emergencies.

Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Warmblood and Paso Fino cases.

Internal medicine:
Referral workups provided 5 days a week, emergency services daily. Over 100 foals admitted annually.

Field service:
Primarily performance horse work; training Thoroughbreds and reproduction at local, first-class equine facilities.

Emergency Duty Requirements:
All emergency and after hours duties are shared equally between the interns.

Types of Cases (percentage is estimated)

• Orthopedic: 70% (arthroscopy, angular limb deformities, fracture repair);
• Respiratory: 10% (Tie-back, Lewellen, Tie Forwards, epiglottic entrapment);
• Emergency: 20% (colics, dystocias, lacerations).

Internal medicine:
• Critical care 50%
• Gastrointestinal 15%
• Respiratory 15%
• Neurological 5%
• Dermatological/Ophthalmological/Oncology/Cardiology/Musculoskeletal 15%.

• Infertility (20%)
• Embryo transfer (5%)
• Cooled/Frozen Semen (30%)
• Dystocia (5%)
• Routine mare work (40%)

2010-2011 Intern Group



Our externship program looks to involve visiting students in the daily activities of the practice. We currently have 5 interns on two-week rotations: Surgery, Anesthesia, Reproduction/Ambulatory, Internal Medicine and Nights.

We look to fill our intership positions from those who have spent time with us as externs. With that in mind, externs are placed into these same rotations so that we can provide them with a broad view of what it would be like to intern at EMCO. During their time with us, we are evaluating their veterinary abilities to date and how the extern fits into the workgroup. In addition to their veterinary knowledge and skills, we look for character and personality traits that will enable the extern (potential intern) to work well in an established group.

Travel from Orlando to EMCO:

Recommendations for travel plans are to fly in to Orlando then take Lake Limo Shuttle Service to Ocala.

Ask to be dropped off at the Burger King on I-75 and Highway 200. From there, the extern can take a taxi to the clinic.

Lake Limo Shuttle Service
For schedule of arrival and departures:
Call (352) 622-2292
Dan the Taxi Man
For taxi from Burger King
(shuttle drop point) to EMCO
Call (352) 671-3400


For consideration, please contact:
Ivey Thursby
(352) 873-7830


















































































































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