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Hurricane Preparation & Evacuation Information

Below please find general information regarding how to prepare yourself and your horses for an impending hurricane and EMCO's availability for hurricane sheltering. 

Three Horses

Equine Preparations

  • While not a comprehensive list, we have highlighted the major things to consider for your horses ahead of a storm making landfall. 

  • ​Establish and prepare your Plan A and Plan B early... If evacuating, leave a minimum of 48 hours prior to landfall -- driving a trailer becomes dangerous when winds exceed 40mph.

  • HOUSING: Check your fencing and secure or throw away loose items. It may be best to leave your horses in pasture. Turn off power to the barn. If evacuating, have a plan for where your will board your horses.

  • FEED AND WATER: Store 60 gallons of water/horse in clean trash cans with secured lids, or troughs. Place 3 days supply of feed and hay in water proof containers, on pallets, or under tarps. Ideal is 7 day supply.

  • IDENTIFICATION: If riding out the storm, have your animals microchipped. Have your phone number on pet ID or luggage tags braided into the mane.

  • If evacuating, gather Coggins papers, pictures and obtain a health certificate from your veterinarian.

Tropical Storm

People Preparations

  • The most important thing you can do as hurricane season approaches is to get yourself, your family, and your home prepared ahead of time.

  • Make sure you stock up on the  basics for your home: water, food, first aid supplies, spare clothes and bedding, tools and other emergency supplies, and special items (i.e. medications). Keep the items you would most likely need during an evacuation in a container that is easy to carry such as a camping backpack or a duffle bag.

  • Make your preparations easier by downloading the checklists included with each category at


Evacuation Stall Availability

  • In the event of an impending hurricane, check this page often for information on our availability for sheltering evacuees and other evacuation facilities. 

  • We offer 2 hour Coggins and vaccines as haul-ins at the hospital if you are evacuating.  ​

  • Always call a facility before you leave to confirm availability 

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